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Our Curriculum Intent

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Summer Term - 2018/19

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Letter - April 2019

Autumn Term - 2018/19

Spring Term - 2018/19

Key Stae 2 Homework Letter

Autumn Term - 2018/19

Our Curriculum Intent

Christ Church C of E Primary School

Love your neighbour as yourself – learning and laughing together


Curriculum Intent

At Christ Church C of E Primary School we believe that our approach to the curriculum can best be described using this image and quote from one of our favourite children’s books: The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.













‘Just make your mark and see where it takes you.’




The child is at the centre of everything we do and our curriculum is underpinned by the idea that all children have valuable contributions to make to it. Our Curriculum seeks to inspire a love of learning and provoke thought through meaningful questions. We find the Characteristics of Effective Learning useful in outlining our Curriculum priorities:

Playing and exploring

  • Collaborating with other children to explore new ideas

  • Playing with language and patterns in number

  • Developing an enquiring mind and an appetite for new experiences

  • Using narrative and role play to explore difficult concepts

Active Learning

  • Being active participants in their own learning

  • Developing a fascination with interesting topics

  • Making decisions about their own learning

  • Establishing a robust growth mindset across the curriculum


Creating and thinking critically

  • Solving problems independently and with others

  • Developing confidence in their own ideas and communicating these to others

  • Evaluating the validity and usefulness of information

  • Making useful links between knowledge and skills


The bullet points in red are all linked with our strong focus on improving the Mental health and well-being of our pupils.


Autumn Term - 2020/21

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